• available in 5 sizes as well as custom made
  • Ideal for joint contractors, nerve damage and brachial plexus avulsions to prevent carpal contracture during the healing period, joint sprains, metacarpal fractures, or in conditions where one would like to immobilise the carpal joint.
  • Warm water heats and softens the flipper allowing it to be moulded to best fir your pets’ leg. As it cools it hardens and sets
  • The product is remouldable allowing one to do serial splinting to reduce carpal contracture. I would recommend remolding every 3-5 days together with passive range of motion of the joint 6 x daily.
  • Custom thermoflippers are available.
  • This is a vet and therapist only product

Size Guidline

Xsmall (3.5cm width x 14.5 cm length) Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese
Small: (4.5cm width x 16.5cm length) Jack Russell, Pug
Medium: (5.5cm width x 24 cm length) Staffie, Beagle
Large: (6.5cm width x 30 cm length) Labrador, Dalmatian
Xlarge (7.5cm width x 36cm length) Ridgeback, Great Dane

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