10 Causes of Paw Licking

paw licking

Paw licking can be frustrating for pet owners and often we don’t know the reason our pet is continually licking. Here are the top 10 causes of paw licking and how we would treat each cause. 1) Foreign body (usually one paw) Sometimes grass seeds can penetrate the skin between the toes. This causes a […]

Pet Arthritis Supplement found in Chicken Sternums?

Pet Arthritis Supplement containing chicken sternums

So as vets we recommend that pets suffering from joint conditions be fed a daily joint supplement. These usually contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate and then a few other ingredients for example green lipped mussel extract, MSM, Vit C. These joint supplements contain products that provide the building blocks to form new cartilage and some […]

Is your dog bored?

dog chewing furniture

Some signs may be excessive barking, chewing furniture or objects or sometimes they can just be interested in nothing and just mope around. When a dog doesn’t receive enough mental stimulation they end up becoming destructive, hyperactive, may have separation anxiety, be aggressive, show obsessive compulsive behaviours and maybe even become really fearful. Most dogs […]

How to help your pet suffering from a joint condition?

Workshops for pet woenrs

    The two main goals in managing pets with muscle and joint conditions are 1.Control their pain (as naturally as possible: Anti-inflammatories can have serious side-effects) 2.Strengthen their core and stabilising muscles to help support the joints. I am offering workshops for Pet Owners teaching you the pet owner these skills. Massage and Acupressure […]

Acupuncture for Animals

  Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, solid needles into the body for pain relief or to aid the body in dealing with other diseases. The western view of acupuncture is mainly used to address musculoskeletal pain and relies on over-riding existing pain signals with the stimuli of the needles inserted. This type of approach […]

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